Friday, December 12, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it will launch you into something great. So just focus, keep aiming, and hang in there."

We all experience difficulties and we all experience trying times. We can't let fear win though. We must hold onto faith. Fear looks back & stays stuck. Faith keeps moving forward, knowing that the path will eventually present itself. Don't be afraid. Trusting God brings life, and believing brings rest. Stop trying to figure everything out. It's not our job. God's got it covered. How relieving is that?! So just enjoy everything that today brings. 
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."
- Joshua 1:9

I can tell you right now that there is NO way that I would be able to make it through this life without having strong faith. In the past, have been at rock bottom many times. In the past, have wondered if I could really go on. In the past, I have wondered why negative things have happened to me. 

There was always this little thing inside of me that kept telling me to hang in there and keep on keeping on. I knew that I just had to somehow trust God, even though I at the time didn't understand why I was going through difficulties. 

Looking back and realizing that I got through it inspires me to tell YOU that you can get through anything and everything. If you're going through a difficult time, you just have to keep hanging in there. It will get better. It always does.

Your best days are not behind you. They are in front of you. CS Lewis says it best: "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." .. Get rid of low expectations. Don't make little plans for your life, and don't have little dreams! You have everything you need to fulfill your God-given destiny. You're all full of potential and CAN change the world. Believe today that you have what it takes. If you're going through challenging times, you can and will overcome them :)

If you want to listen to a few REALLY encouraging songs (a few of my favorites) check out:

- "Hold On" By TobyMac
- "Get Back Up" By TobyMac
- "Overcomer" By Mandisa
- "Rise Above It" by Lock, Stock and Barrel

And now for the health update! It's been kind of a crazy week. I had quite a few doctors appointments.

I saw my gastroenterologist this week. It was just a quick follow up since I saw him three weeks ago. The antibiotics ended up helping my gastroparesis a little bit, but it was only a 10 day treatment. We will see what happens now that I'm not taking the antibiotics anymore. I'm still keeping up with my Reglan, but my doctors are just keeping a close eye, because of the dangerous side effects. I will continue to take it until it becomes an issue. It's my best option for gastroparesis treatment right now. My nausea has been behaving with the lovely help of my good friend Zofran (thank you, thank you). He adjusted one of the medications that I take for GI nerve pain, so I am hoping that with lowering the dose, some of the negative side effects (extreme drowsiness) will go down. Just keeping my fingers crossed that my pain doesn't flare up and that I can tolerate the lower dose. It gets really confusing with being on so many medications, because the side effects overlap and they cause other issues. I just try to make the best of it and trust that my doctors are keeping them in line.

I saw my new PCP this week too and he is AWESOME. My grandfather was actually a very well known cardiologist in the Boston area, and he happened to share a practice with this doctor. When he was finishing his residency, my grandfather was his mentor. When I had my appointment with him this week, he was telling me ALL kinds of stories about my grandfather and how he practiced medicine. My grandfather passed away when I was 5, so the only memory I have is the stories that people tell me. It's a blessing to have a new primary care doctor that is such a close family friend. He did an EKG and was a concerned about my high resting heart rate, but he also knows that I have a history of SVT and rapid heart rates. He is going to keep an eye on it and wants me to get regular EKG's at his office.

Oh. He also looked at my knee (since Dr. Rockett released me in October) and was concerned about the amount of fluid still in my knee. Even though I'm 6 months post-op, I shouldn't have any swelling or fluid in the knee right now. I let him know about the soreness that I've been having over these past few weeks, so he wanted me to be seen by Dr. Rockett as soon as possible.

I walked to the other part of the hospital and Dr. Rockett was able to see me right away. He did all kinds of bending and twisting of my knee and said the ACL felt perfect which was GREAT news. (I'm telling you, the guy is a brilliant surgeon and I will never trust anyone else with my joints).. but he thinks the pain I'm having is likely tendinitis in my hamstring (they did a hamstring graft for my ACL reconstruction) and/or fraying/tearing in whats left of my meniscus. He also gave me a cortisone shot (I can't take oral anti-inflammatory medications)  which should help the pain/soreness from this issue and the fact that I'm still healing from my surgeries. I'm following up with him in a month, and we will go from there. I'm just hoping that the shot helps my soreness and pain and that I can just move on from this. 

While I had a few setbacks this week, I still plan on moving forward. That's seriously all we can do. I'm so thankful for my amazing doctors, the hospital that I go to, my family, my friends, my job, the opportunity to get an education and just the little things in life. My trials have only helped me find happiness in the simplest things. I have a lot of hope for my future. I may have more setbacks, but I will still keep moving forward.

God bless all of you. xo

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  1. You seem like such a ground person...God is amazing and can do wonderful thing for people who sincerely believe in are such an inspiration and a beautiful person inside!! I dont know you but your pictures tell me that! Keep it up :-)